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An award-winning, fun-filled, children's picture book that will have all little girls ready to play dress-up and excited to celebrate themselves on their birthdays and beyond.





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My Story

Hi, I am Tatyerra Mikell! I am a Chicago-bred creative storyteller focused on creating positive representations of Black girls. With ten years of experience as a communications and marketing professional, working in spaces dedicated to creating a better world for children, I realized my passion for children’s media. That led to a career at Sesame Workshop, the creators of Sesame Street, and writing my first children’s book. I look forward to utilizing my skills as a storyteller and marketer to amplify Black girls’ experiences in the kidlit world.

My Books
In the press

If I sent you any version of this book, thank you for your feedback and encouragement. A special nod to:

My parents, baby brother, future husband, Christa, Drea, Brittany B. Brittany G., Justyna, Esther, Sadorah, Jamia, Brandi, Briana, China, Qiana, Breanna, Princess and Brooke.


A Beautiful Story!

The Birthday Princess is a beautiful story! As an urban school librarian, I fell in love with this book. There are so many themes that immediately jumped out to me. Family, self-pride, the value of a village, father- daughter relationships are just a few. The illustrations are perfect and tell of story of its own. I can’t wait to share this with my students!


So Fun And Warm!

The author does a great job capturing how special birthdays are!! My nieces (7, 2 and 1) were so excited to see how the birthday princess would spend her big day! Being an aunt myself it felt special to see myself and my nieces in this book. A wonderful feel good read! Cant wait to see what the authoress comes out with next!


True Girl Fashion

I absolutely enjoyed reading The Birthday Princess, girls love mimicking adulthood and especially if it involves extra frills, and all things girly! From hair to nails, to poofy dresses it’s the exact duplication Mom loves to see :)


Invite Tatyerra Mikell to Speak at Your School

Reading is FUNdamental! Let's set up a time for Tatyerra to come meet your class virtually, or in person, and discuss children's books. She will not only read her book but also come with an activity for the class to do, too!

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